Go Green 19

From January 2019, The Education Team at Renewi Wakefield are launching a Go Green 19 challenge. We all make New Years resolutions which we admittedly don’t keep. Why not try Go Green 19?

Every Sunday morning, wake up to a new challenge from @Wakefieldrecycles. The changes will be small and gradual with an overall aim for all the challenges to be sustained throughout the year.

The Education team are also going to take part in the challenge, offering events, support and celebrating successes along the way. This includes: Reusable Nappy, BabytoBabyBook Swap and Compleat. We’d love to see your photos & hear your thoughts along the journey.

The transition to a greener lifestyle is overwhelming, but we hope that by taking the journey together it will be much more enjoyable. Let the benefits reap, by being a conscious consumer, saving money and ultimately having a positive impact on the future of the earth.

Remember the real motivation for Go Green 19, as reminded by the old Native American proverb,

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children“.


Below are a number of documents which have detailed information to help you #GoGreen19.

Take a read & see what changes you can make.


Useful information

Household waste and recycling collections

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