Household Waste Recycling Centres

Members of staff at Calder Vale Road HWRC

Renewi and Wakefield Council strongly encourage all residents to reduce, re-use and recycle their waste wherever possible.

To make recycling easy, there are three Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) located in the district. Click on the flags for address and contact details for each of these sites.

You can recycle and dispose of a wide range of materials at these centres. To find out what you can recycle and where, click here.

For full details of the services available and opening hours at each site, please use the links on the left.


The Welbeck Household Waste Recycling Centre closed permanently on Sunday 17 September. 

The planning permission for this site is due to expire and the facility needs to close down to allow for it to be restored.

Leaflets were distributed leaflets to over 30,000 houses in the area around the site providing details of the closure and to explain where the alternative sites are located. 

Following the closure the Council will be closely monitoring the Welbeck site to help deter flytipping, including the use of covert CCTV.

Customers who usually use the Welbeck HWRC do not need to apply for new permits, existing permits can be used at any of our Recycling Centres. 

For details of our three alternative facilities, please click here

You can also take your recycling to one of our Bring Sites which are local recycling facilities. Here you will find a wide range of recycling options including: glass, paper, textiles, plastic bottles, books, music and small electricals.



For health and safety reasons, please ensure that you keep all children and animals inside vehicles when using the HWRC sites.

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