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Get involved in schools in bloom 2019

Want to get your school involved in a creative, green and outdoorsy initiative without taking time out of the curriculum?
What is it?

Wakefield Schools in Bloom is a competition which is hosted by Renewi working in partnership with Wakefield Council.

Schools who are interested in taking part will need to ask all pupils in their school if they want to volunteer to take part in the competition. Any interested pupils will need to make a plant pot out of waste during their May Spring Bank Holidays (27th May-31st May) with their families and bring them back into school after the holiday. You can also do this in the classroom of course, if you have the time. This could be linked into the curriculum via science, plants and living things or the arts.

As a school you will then need to decide on the top 3 winning submissions from your pupils. It is up to you how you would like to judge this.

Your top 3 winning submissions will be collected by Renewi and displayed at Anglers Country Park where the public can go and view the submissions and vote for their favourites.
The Prize?

If an entry from your school wins the competition then you will receive £500 worth of teaching resources for your school and a £50 retail voucher for the child whose planter won the competition. Second and Third place prizes will also be announced in due course.


Judging will take place from the 15th June. Winners will be announced on

the 21st June.

Judging will consist of:

1. Votes in a ballot box at Anglers Country Park where the planters
will all be on display From 11am - 2pm on the 15th June. 

2. A panel of judges from Renewi and Wakefield Council

3. Public voting on the Wakefield Recycles Facebook page

Each plant pot MUST be made out of something that would
otherwise have been thrown away. Plant pots will be judged largely on
the creativity of the rubbish used to make the planter rather than the
plants inside the planter but nice displays are encouraged as the public
will no doubt love to see the children’s flowers/fruits/vegetables/grasses
at Anglers Country Park.

Important Deadlines:

Please register your schools interest by Friday the 26th April 2019 by
emailing with your contact details and school

Please set a deadline within your school for children to bring their entries
to school no later than Wednesday the 12th June.
You need to vote for your top three school entries by Thursday the 13th

You must submit your three chosen school entries by 4pm on Thursday
the 13th June by emailing a picture of your three entries to

Planters will be collected on Friday the 14th June.

Useful information

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