Recycle Week

Recycle Week

Recycle week is held annually to promote recycling by demonstrating the benefits of recycling. We visited Castleford, Pontefract and Ossett to promote recycling across the Wakefield district. Many of you came to find us on the markets where we answered many of your recycling queries and provided you with information to improve your recycling habits. Thank you to those who added a pledge to our recycling tree. Please see the Recycle Now website for more information.


Unsure what can go in your brown recycling bin? Read the below hints and tips or download this helpful guide.

  • Rinsing bottles and jars is essential so they can be recycled, as is removing their lids before they go in the bin. Squashing cardboard boxes will help save space, meaning you can get more in.‚Äč Plastics - only bottle shaped plastics and their lids should be put in your brown recycling bin. This includes pop bottles, detergent bottles, washing up liquid bottles. All other plastics belong in the green bin.
  • Steel cans - those that hold soup, beans, dog food and so on - remember to give them a quick rinse.
  • Aluminium cans can go in the recycling bin.
  • Paper and card - including paperback books, newspapers, magazines and envelopes.
  • Glass bottles and jars - but not if they're broken.
  • Aerosol cans (that are empty) - for example deodorant bottles and air fresheners.


Don't forget you can visit a Household Waste Recycling centre too.

These items belong at the recycling centres at Glasshoughton, South Kirkby or Wakefield NOT in your bins.

Paint tins, Electricals, Batteries, Engine oil, Cooking oil, Clothes and textiles, Carpets and Hand tools.


Recycling Video

We are excited to announce that we have launched a new video to celebrate recycle week which explores the journey of two plastic bottles entering our recycling facility. This will give you an insight into the journey of your recycling after it leaves your bin. Make sure that you share it with your friends to educate the younger generation in Wakefield about reducing, reusing and recycling.


Want to get involved?

Interested in how you can get involved? Why not come see us at one of our upcoming events. Follow us on Facebook for recycling hints and tips, regular recycling updates and reminders of our upcoming events.

Please see the Recycle Now website for more information.

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