Project Details

New facilities, more recycling, less landfill

South Kirkby 

The new Waste Treatment Facility at South Kirkby will increase recycling, reduce the amount of waste we send to landfill, help generate green sustainable energy, and create jobs for local people. This is the key development for the project and will help us to recycle more than 52% of the waste produced in the district. Here is a brief description of each of the facilities:

Residual Waste Treatment Facility - to treat rubbish collected from your home that would normally go to landfill. The process will:

Materials Recycling Facility - to sort mixed recyclable material collected from your home. Once sorted each material will be sent separately for recycling.

Composting Facility - to compost garden waste collected from your home and at Household Waste Recycling Centres. It is anticipated that some of this compost will be made available to local residents for use in their gardens.

A state of the art Household Waste Recycling Centre - for recyclable materials or rubbish that would not normally be collected from your home. 

Education Centre - for visitors which includes a class room and a number interactive and audio visual displays. This centre is now open for school and community visits, click here for details.

Denby Dale Road, Wakefield 

The existing Household Waste Recycling Centre and Transfer Loading Station was demolished and a new Household Waste Recycling Centre and Transfer Loading Station built in its place featuring:

The new Transfer Loading Station will allow us to bulk up materials for transport to South Kirkby. This reduces the number of vehicle movements and improves the efficiency of waste management across the district.


A Household Waste Recycling Centre was built on Flass Lane featuring: