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Eco-schools is an international award programme that guides schools on their sustainable journey, providing a framework to help embed these principals into the heart of school life. See the Eco-Schools England website for more information. 

Eco-Schools Wakefield

Around the country many cities and districts have active Eco-Schools networks which consist of a group of teachers from eco-schools and other environmental educators who meet up to share ideas and network. 

In September 2016 our Education Team set up a Wakefield network. As part of the network, regular meetings are planned at our recycling centre facilities and at schools across the district, giving educators from all Wakefield areas an opportunity to find out more. Guest speakers are invited to these meetings but most importantly it will be a space for you to share knowledge and be inspired by each other. We also have a regular newsletter sharing updates and ideas for education for sustainability. 

Teachers and Environmental Educators who are not part of the Eco-Schools England programme are still more than welcome to join. Most importantly you should have an interest in education for sustainability. It doesn't matter if this is the start of your eco-journey or you are a fully fledged eco-ambassador. 

To join the Eco-Schools Wakefield Network please get in contact with our Education Team at

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