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South Kirkby Waste Treatment Facility Odour Update

Over the past few days we have experienced an increase in odour complaints from members of the local community. We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused by these odours and to reassure local residents that our team has deployed appropriate resources to deal with any unplanned odours from the site. We anticipate that normal day to day operations will resume shortly.

We have carried out an investigation on site and unfortunately were unable to identify any obvious issues. As part of the investigation we arranged to have all our odour systems checked by a third party and the results showed that three out of four odour management systems are working effectively. One system is currently emitting higher odour levels than usual, but the cause is currently unknown. Further tests are due to be carried out which will include checking the carbon levels in each system.  We have shared the details of our investigation and test results with the Environment Agency. A further update will be provided in due course.

Following an incident last week, one of our fast-acting doors was damaged and cannot be closed properly, a temporary seal in currently in place but this could be a contributing towards the current odour issues.  We have also had some instances of doors being left open unnecessarily, this can contribute towards odour and we have taken this opportunity to remind our staff of the importance of keeping doors closed except for access purposes.

We continue to review and improve the existing odour management plan and ensure that we maintain ongoing communication with our local residents.  Odour monitoring is carried out on a daily basis, both on site and within the local community at specific receptor points. We have also recently introduced monitoring in the evenings on a trial basis.

An Enquiries helpline was recently set up to encourage members of the public to report any odours in the local community. We would be grateful if you could report any odours you detect to us on 01977 624 670. Calls to this number are answered by members of our management team who will be able to follow up on any reports immediately. Calls received outside of business hours will be answered by Wakefield Council Contact Centre, please choose option 1 when prompted and then option 1 again.   Odours can also be reported to the Environment Agency on 0370 850 6506.


Return to Summer Opening Hours

Summer hours will be reintroduced at the Recycling Centres from Sunday 25 March 2018

From Monday 26 March 2018 all sites will close at 17.00 hours Monday to Friday with the exception of the late night opening at each facility as follows:

Day Facility
Monday 8.00pm (including Bank Holidays)                South Kirkby        
Thursday 8.00 pm   Glasshoughton
Friday 8.00pm Denby Dale Road   

Weekend hours will stay the same for all sites.

Saturdays 8.00am until 4.00pm

Sundays 9.00 until 4.00pm


Closure of Welbeck Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC)

The Welbeck Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) closed permanently on Sunday 17 September. 

The planning permission for this site is due to expire and the facility needs to close down to allow for it to be restored.

Cllr Maureen Cummings, Wakefield Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment and Communities, said: “Welbeck is the lowest used recycling centre, and numbers of people using the site have been dropping recently.

“We have three excellent, modern household waste recycling centres in Glasshoughton, Wakefield and South Kirkby which have been designed to handle and recycle more of our customers waste".

Shanks has distributed leaflets to over 30,000 houses in the area around the site to provide details of the closure and to explain where the alternative sites are located. 

Following the closure the Council will be closely monitoring the Welbeck site to help deter flytipping, including the use of covert CCTV.

Customers who usually use the Welbeck HWRC do not need to apply for new permits, existing permits can be used at any of our Recycling Centres

For details of our three alternative facilities, please click here

You can also take your recycling to one of our Bring Sites which are local recycling facilities. Here you will find a wide range of recycling options including: glass, paper, textiles, plastic bottles, books, music and small electricals.



New electronic permit system launches at Household Waste Recycling Centres

Shanks, working in partnership with Wakefield Council, are making it easier for residents to use the Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) by introducing a new electronic permit system. The new system will particularly benefit residents who use the recycling centres in a commercial type vehicle (e.g. vans) for disposing of their household waste.

Under the new system, which launches on 4 April, owners of commercial type vehicles will be able to apply for their permit online. The old system, which relies on residents going to one of the recycling centres to request permits, will be phased out. Vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of over 3,000 kg, long wheel based vehicles and trailers larger than 8ft by 6ft will no longer be issued with permits or permitted to use the HWRCs.

Paper permits will no longer be issued, but will remain valid until their expiry date, and customer site visits will be recorded electronically. There is no requirement to apply for replacement permits if existing paper ones are still in date. Upon expiry, new permits can be obtained by going online

There are no changes to the current residential permit scheme and residents using the centres in cars do not need to apply for a new residential permit. New residents to the district will be able to apply for a residential permit using the online system.

Residents will also be able to make an appointment to arrange to dispose of any unwanted household asbestos, with text and email booking confirmations.

The permit system can be accessed online at:

For any enquiries please email:


We are currently recruiting for a number of exciting volunteer posts for our Education Service, posts available include:


Our Education Centre based at the recycling facilities in South Kirkby is now open click here for details

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