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We're inviting the Wakefield community to join us in compleatly ending food waste.

Did you know, a family of four throws away £70 of food every month!

If households across the UK curbed the amount of food ending up in our kitchen bins, it would reduce emissions of harmful gases that are contributing to climate change.


New Year, New Rules

Shopping Lists

It doesn’t matter what day of the week your big shop falls on, making a shopping list or a family weekly meal plan will help you to save money and reduce leftover waste. Remember to buy only what you need. Create a family meal prep plan, or make enough food to take the leftovers to work tomorrow so you don’t have to cook twice.

Let's Lunch 

Organise a shared lunch at work or a community group- everyone brings a home made item for the spread in a reusable container.

Make friends with your freezer

Many of your food can be kept fresh for longer: from bread, cheese, meat and even potatoes. Try getting your bread in a paper bag not plastic, put it in a breadbin and use a sealing slip to keep it fresh for longer.

‘Use by’ and ‘best before date’

These labels are there to help you keep track of your food’s safety and quality.  Remember food past it’s ‘best before date’ is safe to eat after the stated date. ‘Use-by’ is stated for safety so shouldn’t be consumed after that date.

Portion sizes

The most commonly wasted foods are basic staples; bread, rice, potatoes and pasta. Use a portion calculator to get it right next time.

Love your leftovers

Never leave a lonely carrot in the fridge. Whether it’s a chunk of cheese or quarter of a tub of yoghurt.  Don’t throw them in the bin, look for a tasty left-over recipe or be spontaneous and wing it with your own. Reserve your wine and put leftover wine in ice cube trays to use in stocks and stews.

Eat Seasonably

Invest in winter veg ideal for making hearty, warm meals during autumn. In summer, opt for the refreshing fruit and vegetables the earth has to offer.


Go outdoors & forage for blackberries, apples, plums and pears. Freeze your berries to keep them for longer. Frozen blackberries are a sweet topper direct from the freezer for winter porridge. Preserve & pickle your berries to make them last longer.


If you'd like to get involved but need some inspiration, why not visit of of our open day events and see Compleating in action! Book your place by email or Facebook (

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